At Neon Partnerships our team work with you and your organisation to ensure we get the appropriate way of working for your needs.  Whether its a Rapid Improvement Event an Operational Excellence deployment we ensure we work with the culture of your organisation.  All our of our engagements are very people focused and we work closely with the leadership and any teams to make change sustainable. 
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Our services are not limited to ones within Neon we have specialist partnerships who all work with them same ethos and believe that having bespoke interactions with companies achieves the best results.

Robotic Process Automation

Being closely linked we know the optimum time for you to work with our RPA team or we can just advise you to refer to your chosen provider with all the process information required to start or continue your automation journey

Customer Experience

Having the customer journey at the heart of any change is key, our team can engage you with the right connections or we can show you a high level path ourselves - we work with the detail you need to get those key moments of truths right and innovate your way to delight.