Switch   n your potential with Operational Excellence

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  • We focus the Operational Excellence programme on building the capability for everyday management of processes, allowing operational teams to identify when they need to improve their processes.


  • Through visual management of customer expectations and colleague performance the end to end operations journey is brought to life. 

  • Leadership teams are supported in the journey through developing and assessing your own maturity within the Operational Excellence programme.

  • Neon Partnerships support the assessment and progress of the organisations journey to Operational Excellence.

Benefits for your people & company

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Increased customer satisfaction

Our clients have seen their NPS scores go from -11 to +80

Increased people engagement

Our clients have seen attrition rates drop by 10% and engagement results improve

Improved process performance

Our improvements in process effectiveness have seen a increase in output up to 20% generating increased revenue

Improved efficiency

Our engagement people throughout the journey has shown increases of 20 - 30% capacity creation 

Have a performance focused culture

Any programme is only as effective as the people within it. For this reason, it’s vital to ensure that your employees buy-in to the drive for operational excellence, thinking and behaving in ways that align to your vision.  This transformation doesn’t happen overnight; our consultancy service is designed to support organisations to drive towards your strategy and goals ensuring they work at all levels within.  By reviewing progress and the obstacles standing in the way of a performance-focused culture, you can maintain momentum with your transformation and ensure change embeds deep into the heart of your workforce.

Sustainable Process Improvement is only achieved when it is done with and not to, and it becomes embedded into the cultural DNA