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Little i INNOVATION Rapid Improvement

Innovation & Digital... the big I and the little i

Innovation with a little i 

  • How do you incorporate innovation into everyday thinking ?

  • How do you focus and capture the ideas from your people and make them become reality?

  • Harnessing the great ideas from your people for everyday problem solving makes the most of your greatest resource

Innovative use of existing technology helps you do more with what you have... we can design and run a Rapid Improvement Event for your company

A powerful structure for improvement is embodied in our continuous improvement approach.  The principle is to continually look at improving via structured events.

  • This is an intense version of an improvement workshop run over multiple days

  • The cross functional team will work on understanding and improving the process within this short period

  • We have a clear road map to get as much out of the time as possible

Innovation with a Big I

  • How do you encourage creative thinking in your new product and process introduction ?

  • How do you delight customers with something they don't even know they need yet ?

The innovation process workout helps you facilitate your process design to new levels ! Turning current thinking on its head.

We work with our partners on ensuring you have the right tools when you need them.  Whether its CRM, Productivity maximisation, RPA or AI - our partners work with the same ethos ensuring the right outcome is there for the customer and the company.