Why we do what we do & how we can help?

Neon Partnerships take an active and practical approach to consulting, coaching and training, with a focus on sustainable improvement.

We combine decades of experience to tackle the challenges our clients face. Our bespoke programmes embed a process improvement culture deep into the heart of organisations we work with.

Our approach

Learning is a journey best experienced on the road to improvement. Over the past few decades, we have seen that many improvement programmes fall short of delivering long-term sustainable application.

Neon Partnerships tailor consulting, coaching and training that can easily embed into everyday thinking and processes, with flexible support shaped around the needs of your organisation.

Meet the team

Neon Partnerships brings together the expertise of Neil Chapman and Nicola Moran, specialists in process improvement who share a passion for building capability and sustainable process improvements.  

Having worked together for over 15 years, they established Neon Partnerships to offer a refreshing, dynamic approach to consulting, training & coaching that would make process improvement more accessible for all whilst delivering results.

The Team has grown over the past few years and have been selected for their in-depth knowledge and skill within their field.


Each consultant has worked at mid to senior level positions within organisations within their field, giving them a deeper insight into the challenges faced by their clients.

NEON Team Industry Experience

Financial Services, Telecoms, Retail, Insurance, Hospitality, Distribution, Linguistics, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas

NEON Team Skills

Lean Six Sigma, Process Improvement, Continuous Improvement, Operational Excellence, Agile, RPA, Senior Coaching, Programme Architecture, Strategy Deployment, Large Scale Transformations, Change Management

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